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The Sacred Rebel

I quit my full-time ICU travel nursing job to step fully into being a certified global empowerment coach and certified breathwork facilitator, redefining what health and wellness get to look like, helping people reclaim their power to discover what that means for them. I’m also certified (and love) to teach yoga and meditation. I live in San Diego, and travel the globe, finding my Soul Tribe and collaborating in HUGE ways. I have created a life of passion, adventure, and joy. I am on fire every single day, launching full-blast into purpose and pleasure- even in the dark and depressed moments.

I started as the embodiment of Rage. I was so burned out from being everything BUT myself and being rewarded for it. My fire was dying out, being told I’m too much, too loud, too manly, too emotional, too fat, too thin, too wild, too profane. I was tired of the conditions around love, support, and acceptance. The job, the car, the house, the relationship- not one of these things had me feeling full. I had no idea why I kept ending up in the same toxic place with my relationships and friendships-always maintaining the illusion of control, hurting in huge ways, disconnected, ANGRY.

I worked in the most trusted profession and was so fucking burned out from the lies, the red tape, the cover-ups, the fucked up relationship with health, death, and life. I was even more burned out watching horrific things happen to my fellow humans being told “that’s just how it is, you can’t change it”, watching these tragedies be justified out of fear, scarcity, and a distorted relationship to power and money. I was so damn exhausted from doubting what I knew was true amongst the lies that grow subtler and sneakier as humans evolve. I was really fucking tired of playing small, secretly dying for something more, something wildly adventurous, something that had my soul feeling pleasure in risky, erotic, consuming ways. It took a lot for me to understand how this could transform through Sacred Rage.

It started with “fuck it, why not?” on just about all things in life. This slowly turned into a big, bold “FUCK YES” to ME, with an equally big, bold “FUCK NO” to ALL things limiting, slowing, shrinking, and not elevating me-regardless of how painful it is to ANYONE else. I allowed myself to be curious about the unexplainable. I allowed myself to enjoy the narratives people creatively bring to our experience called life. Nothing was off-limits or minimized with Western, egoic obsession with “proof”. I discovered the place where Western science meets and compliments traditional wisdom of the holistic human experience. I made a lot of beautifully shitty decisions that were integral to my growth. I developed a deep appreciation of experiential learning, and I understand how limiting formal education has become.

Now, I take the plunge headfirst and allow the details to sort themselves out. I am at peace. I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life. I am more in love with my body than ever. Every inch, every ache and pain, every message she sends me. I listen- my body leads, my mind follows as the humble servant. I am balanced in my masculine and feminine. I receive in huge ways so that I can pour more than I ever imagined possible out into the collective. I love myself before I ask others to, so they can know how. I forgive myself so that I can forgive others. I honor the Little Kaitlyn that has always known who I am. Who has always known why I’m here, and what message I bring to the world. I connect so deeply to humans because I connect so deeply to myself. I play so fucking hard because it is the source of inspiration, of energy, of rejuvenation.

I have opened my arms to leadership in a way that has softened my edges and allowed myself to see what it truly means for me, rather than how everyone else said it’s supposed to. I lead by example, by invitation, not by command. I’m a badass. I am tapped-in every single day. I have ditched the bullshit stories. I have rewritten the conditioning inherent in life to serve my highest purpose. I have looked my anger in the eye, sat with it, thanked it, and allowed it to move me to action and healing. I am the embodiment of the Sacred Rebel.

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