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Covid Chaos to Collaboration

I wrote this as a social media post back in April, 2020 and I'm sharing it here with you all as a fresh perspective on the realities we each face together. The message still applies.

This isn’t going to resonate or sit well with some. That’s okay. It will when it’s the right time.

What an experience. I’m so proud of the people I work with for helping keep each other sane, critically thinking up ways to use PPE responsibly, ways to protect our fellow humans, and finding a way to laugh always. I couldn’t have asked for a better location when stuck in quarantine. The sun shines and it feels so nice when I step outside. The birds are coming around reminding us it’s spring, and new life is coming, even in the wake of loss in uncharted territory. I have plenty of healthy food to eat, thanks to meal-prep and fresh food being the only thing not stripped bare in the store. I have the most incredible roommates who hold conscious conversations and talk about what’s happening calmly with an open mind, ready to process and choose for themselves what is right. (They also happen to cook and have a shit load of fun quirks and hobbies to keep us entertained and our food babies happy.) My family is well, and I’ve seen sooooo many beautiful outpourings of love in the form of cupcake deliveries with social distancing, hearts in windows, and flower deliveries back home. Melts me!!! I still get to go to church every day in the form of yoga and meditation, and even share it with others! Babies are being born and parents get to spend time learning what teachers are doing to grow our next generation into mindful, happy, healthy humans putting out love into the world. I’m in contact with people I haven’t heard from in a long time ALL AROUND THE GLOBE! I see videos that bring me to tears of entire cities taking time to applaud healthcare workers and lift each other up and find commUNITY in isolation.

All the things to be grateful for. That being said, I understand the fear that this unknown brings. The fear of death, fear of job loss, fear of financial instability. Fear of missing out, fear of scarcity. This is a primal reaction and is natural in all humans. I’m not discounting the very real struggle that this is on every plane-mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. This is a time where all our childhood traumas and past insecurities are being shaken loose, fiercely, and against our will. It is one thing to be ready for the journey inside, to go inward and do the work to release the grip of past experiences that have shaped us to carry non-serving belief systems and behaviors. It is an entirely different game when the Universe rattles the cage and brings it all to the surface when you weren’t looking, preparing, and desiring it. It hurts, it feels like a livewire in our bodies, our minds are crazy and obsessive, and our feeds are FULL of half-facts, truth, complete myths, outright lies, and all the gray in-between. How do we begin to decide what’s real, what’s right, and what’s next? How do we slow down and adapt to the giant change coming? We get mindful, we stop letting the outside stimulus tell us about ourselves, shape our reality, and choose for us. We slow down, listen to the answers we already have, get patient and let information come, and allow time to process to plan for ourselves what makes sense in our lives- not for the next five minutes, only to realize we did a ridiculous thing impulsively, but for the longevity of it all.

Fear-based thinking has us sharing articles every 10 minutes, flooding inboxes and feeds with information that gets the masses hyped and, for God knows what reason, buying insane amounts of TP and canned goods, leaving the mindful ones to slow down and realize a HUGE part of the world never even got to get on the TP bandwagon yet, and they’re doing just fine. We can still scrub our ass in the shower, get a bidet, hire drivers that have been fired from the service sector to deliver groceries to the elderly, etc. These are just a tiny few basic examples of how fear gets us acting CRAY! The sadder outcomes are the fear-based walls we are building between ourselves as humans. Nobody is immune from all of this. The 1%, the democrats, the republicans, the communists, ALL OF US are being touched by this. Some of us are finally opening our eyes and being forced to understand the reality that SO MANY people already live on a DAILY BASIS. Some more than others, yet this is one of the first opportunities we have had as a HUMAN RACE to collectively participate in health, wellness, mindfulness, love, and acceptance.

Globalization has brought a pandemic unlike any other, and with it comes the helpers, the lessons, and the collective. You can feed and water your fears. We can delete or unfollow anybody we want to and say their belief system is unacceptable and disgusting. And sometimes, that may be your truth. But at the end of the day, we’re guilty of putting up yet another wall to yet more humans. Deepening the rift when we desperately need all the togetherness and help we can get. You can throw gasoline on the hate. You can bitch about the votes, the delays, the process. You can RE-act. Or you can stop feeding it and growing it. You can decide something different, something we’ve yet to figure out as humans. You can choose love. You can choose the slow-down, the mindfulness. You can choose to take the information being given to you and decide what is right and true. You can be safe and protect your fellow people without throwing stones, and without tapping out of the fact that we are all from the same truth.

Please stop perpetuating pitting political parties against each other and saying it’s their fault. They represent us, so why don’t we set the example. Even if the people you see as leaders aren’t doing what you think is right, don’t cast the stone, cast the solution. We don’t need congress to vote or the POTUS to sign anything to do the right thing for ourselves. Please please use all this crazy high energy to help us find masks in healthcare, to help us get the equipment we need in an overburdened system. Please check on all the people. Please go enjoy the sun WHENEVER it shines, in any way you can. Please ask questions instead of writing other people’s/parties’ stories for them. Please find a way to find common ground instead of tunnel visioning what’s wrong and going poorly. When we hear or see it, drop it and rewrite it to something useful, something to work towards, something positive. Help parents find ways to socialize themselves and their kids as well as TEACH! Help each other. Take the second, take the pause when you feel yourself ready to fire back at something you see or hear, take that split second to ask yourself “why is this triggering me?” “what is the lesson?” “how can I rewrite the script?” You’d be amazed how much anxiety and fear we can disarm by informing ourselves about facts, emotions, people etc.

As many of you have caught glimpses of, I’ve been on my own path to find me and I discovered so many useful gifts along the way from the best of the best humans for my soul. I have created coaching and yoga programs to help with all the things I’ve just described above. The Universe knew what it was doing on this entire journey and landed me here in this time and place with this mindset, skillset, and heart to be what can make a powerful difference in one of the most important times I will ever witness. I can help you. I can help you slow down, flip the script, cope, and shift to see what is good in all of this. Help you adapt to whatever is coming for you. Reach out to me. If this resonates with you, I am ready to help. This is not a business plug; this is a humanity plug. Text me, message me, send me photos of your babies and fur babies. If you want help to find peace and grounding in this, I CAN HELP YOU! Just ask. If this doesn’t resonate with you and you still want to throw hate at the GOP or the Snowflakes, that’s okay too, and I’m still sending you all the loving and soothing vibes and I will still be here ready if you decide to make a change for something different. I am ready for the conscious conversations and the level-up that we are required to be doing now. I am sending all the love to all the people so that we can do it together.

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