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Coming Home: Finding Connection in Surrender

I am safe to fall into the arms of another. To express and ask directly. I am safe to have my own timeline in safety, discovery, boundaries. People are at my level and beyond.

Love is right here. I grow in myself, the collective grows around me and within me. In this ebb and flow of I and we, I get to learn my own rhythm in the dance of life.

I feel myself outgrowing a lot of souls as guides. And it's amazing to shift, just like when in hive mentality. The leader knows when it's their turn to lead, and steps into and out of the role seamlessly. This is Recovery Room.

In my own time I surrender. When I know I am held unconditionally in my own process, it catalyzes the surrender. Other humans showed me this way. Thank you.

I allow desire to sweep me. I am allowing this integration to teach me. I am allowing the learning that my desires drew me into.

My mind wants to understand and communicate what's happening in the connection and surrender process, however, my soul has already understood and communicated it to the souls that speak this language. For now, it's asking my mind to sit peacefully in that knowing, so I shall.

This retrograde shadow has plunged me into old patterns and behaviors. Old yearnings from this lifetime. Yearnings for my parents. My roots. And the gateway to the new paradigm is at my feet, one foot across the threshold.

The pattern of inviting love, followed by sabotage of walls and control are breaking. I see the fear, and for the first time, the space for my higher self to be the strong leader is being held- not just by myself, but by other souls. This is freedom. This is awakening.

My skin is such an amazing communicator. My body is so perfect. It's soothing to allow my ego to be reminded of this by me, and confirmed by us.

I release to receive.

The depth I asked for is before me. I step courageously into these souls, merging as one. It is beautiful. I welcome the challenges, learning, bliss, giving. and receiving. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Everyone's soul is right where it's supposed to be. I openly invite myself to receive and welcome the need for change as it arises.

Now that I'm invited into my own depth, it's a graceful freefall rather than dragging, painful steps.

Love wins every single time I dig in the dark. So far...

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