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A New Way of Earthing Peeking Through❤️

It matters to me that we have the ability to access information, experiences, and connections that bring meaning, balance, inspiration, and intimacy to our lives.  Not as a privilege for the few with money, but as beings that get to enjoy being provided for by the planet we call home.

This is quite an ask in a moment where the collective is awakening and coming together in a way like never before across the globe.  At a time where so many want to reconnect to living with the land, connected to our food, loving and living alongside the creatures that we share our home with rather than pushing them out, eliminating them in the belief it ‘belongs’ to us. 

We are feeling the impossibility of the money structures that aren't working anymore.  We are being forced to live tribally again because it’s too expensive to ‘own’ all our own versions of everything.  And why do we need to?  We are starting to see that we open ourselves up to deeper relations- learning, and understanding of others when we must rely on each other to share the resources that are here for us. 

Abundance, to me, doesn’t mean we each have 10 million dollars to each ‘own’ 10,000+ acres of land with 10 luxury cars, every consumer-driven toy rolling out we never needed in the first place.  Even in my own kitchen, I’m looking at how many ‘things’ we’ve created to simplify tasks so we can do MORE.  Not so we can rest more, enjoy nature and each other more, but to work more, buy more, and have less time to be healthy and connected, circulating beautiful loving connections. 

I look at many of the things, and while they’re clever and fun for a moment, they don’t actually improve my life much.  This is the cancer of our creativity.  When it is not rooted in the foundations of how to help the organism of Earth and all Life, it creates tumors that breed sickness.  As a nurse I absolutely don’t need to be told about the extreme extent of this sickness in humans. 

What I’m looking for and listening for is a way to create that truly brings life back in a way that honors its own death cycle as well.  Allowing a thing that isn’t serving to die, or to be done differently, always cycling back to the wellness of the whole.  Even if that means it’s no longer bringing me stability, money, or comfort.  I’m finally experiencing what it’s like to trust that death to open space for a much healthier, life-supporting thing to be birthed.  In my business, relationships, ‘things’. 

I’m hopeful, because it’s no longer just a hippie thing people on the fringe are experiencing.  I’m happy to see that these ideas are growing exponentially in the Western culture.  People are turning to psychedelics and having the most fantastic, beautiful, sometimes scary and hard experiences, and are frequently reaching a common message:

We are One. 

We have work to do to get back to living from this knowing.  I am grateful to see so many people fed up with the bullshit we’ve been fed, and have continued chasing.  I’m grateful to see discomfort move people to change more than I’ve ever seen in my life, or seen in what I’ve studied historically.  I’m inspired by the social theorists who understand the usefulness of economic de-growth. 

There is a quickening in the awareness of the harm to life, and to living it well, in colonization and patriarchy as well as many aspects of capitalism.  There is a growing awareness that there are a lot of shitty things happening and existing in our world, and that there is a balance of good as well. 

We’re learning that cancel culture isn’t enough, and that we need to discern how to acknowledge what’s harmful and heal it, change it, release it…  while also honoring that very same thing that we have felt harm from can be redeemed, loved, changed. 

Sometimes we need a timeout, sometimes repair isn’t really desired by some.  It’s a really fucking hard line to walk. 

I’m so grateful to have visited and spent time in ‘less developed’ places around the globe who are doing life REALLY beautifully in so many ways.  This has allowed me to see the stark contrast of our waste, consumerism, and lack of happiness, gratitude, and service.  I can see why we are so sick chronically.  It showed me so much that I turned my back on so many Western practices, lifestyles and ideas for a long time. 

It’s taken me years to finally appreciate and start to really piece together how these worlds collide.  How indigenous culture, shamanic practices, spirituality, modern medicine, technology, and nature can actually come together to streamline an incredibly vital, sustainable, blissful life.  We get to start learning from our hearts and our minds with compassion- not to be right, but to LIVE.  To make kind decisions where fear is welcomed without running the show.  A life where we get to discover what we are innately good at, hone it, live it, share it- and let others do the same while wholly appreciating them in their gifts, without trying to capitalize it, take it from them, or tell them how to do it best.  I want to be part of that.  I want to offer myself in my gifts in service to that world.  And I want to get to know those of you co-creating it with me.

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