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1:1 Mentorship

I’m no holder of information, medicine, or experience in a way that makes me an expert of you, a knower of what’s right or best for you.  I’m not looking to abuse and exploit the beautiful wisdom that’s been living through us as people since the first people.  I’m simply a vessel that touches much, and enjoys sharing it with you, and watching you bloom as you pick up what speaks to you, allow it to inspire creation that was never here before you birthed it, and ENJOYS your choice to set down what is not for you- maybe for someone else to pick up, maybe for compost.  I’m your biggest cheerleader to allow space for you to find what’s truth to you, and to HONOR IT gracefully, no matter how much friction it creates ANYWHERE in our lives.

I am trauma-informed and my background is ICU nursing.  I utilize my medical background and certifications in meditation & yoga teaching, health coaching,  and breathwork facilitation, as well as the contexts of thought I study and utilize in my everyday life to help create a container for sustainable change.  Balance in the explosive transformation & subtle steady growth, ancient wisdom & progressive knowledge, and internal & external cooperation are integral to this mentorship.

Modalities for Recovering your Power


Breathwork is an incredibly powerful, body-based tool, with the potential to unlock transformational healing otherwise inaccessible with simple mindset work.  Breathwork is a complementary modality to other natural and Western practices to activate deeper places in the mind and body to help bring awareness to and process trauma, stories, and emotions stored, suppressed, or hidden in the body from current and past events.  This is also an expansive practice that taps you into the euphoric bliss body without the use of substances as your lens for processing.  Using a simple 3-part breath, we drop from a mind-led experience into deeper brainwave states, often into a meditative/trance state.  This state can become a new paradigm for processing simple stress all the way to deep trauma the mind is not ready to process in waking states.  This is a very potent tool for processing trauma resistant to medications, therapy, and other traditional modalities safely.

Microdose Protocol & Plant Allies

Mama Earth has left us many gifts to help us remember what we are and our highest potential as conscious beings.  While many people do not have a desire, or need for these gifts to access and understand themselves and their reality, they are all around us and a huge player  in the lives of all cultures around the world.  I bring an eclectic group of plants to my own altar both in daily practice and in my sacred ceremony space.  The benefits and relationships with these plant allies are held sacred by many and are starting to find their way back into the Western culture.  After a massive breakup in the 50's, we're rediscovering the benefits of utilizing what has been right in front of us for health and vitality, love, creative flow, and breaking through how conditioning dictates our lives in each layer of the body.  Microdose protocol and ritual are an optional add-on to this container for amplified transformation.

Traditional Wisdoms

While I am not certified as a practitioner or provider for these schools of thought and lineages, I do work with them in my everyday life, and have an ongoing relationship to the study of them through various means:  


Human Design

Gene Keys


I work with these contexts- not as a box or a prescription to keep you restricted or limited by their defined principles, but as a tool to play in the many narratives (old and new) that people from around the world use to understand the infinite human experience.  These are tools you can try on, utilize to bring structure to your life, think about your experiences in new lights, or completely opt out of.  I have found them useful, fun, and wildly NOT me in all seasons of life.  I love providing references and connections for further study on your path.

What it Looks Like

  • ​12 Weeks 

  • 3 Calls/Month

    • 2 Calls with Deep Dive Breathwork Journey​

    • 1 call for dialogue, integration, and guidance

  • Microdose Protocol- more details on Exploration Call

  • Development/Refinement of daily practices, schedules to meet your body and your life's needs while remaining centered, balanced, creative, and loving

  • Ceremony/ritual support with plant allies

  • Utilization of the chakra system and medicine wheel to provide structure and pathways for each layer of exploration

  • Resources for you to autonomously grow your range of wisdom and practice


Exchange: $800/month x 3 monthly payments or

                  $2000 paid-in-full

***If this feels like a deep YES for you, and this price does not feel accessible, please reach out and we can explore how we can best work together in a way that fills us both.

Book an Exploration Call

Drop in on a call to discover if we're a good fit, and how we can work together to place you back in your seat of power, choice, peace, and center, in a world that is growing into better.

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